I like the focus on creating a happy place to work including the attitudes and culture of team I work with. I also appreciate the work-life balance aspects as no matter how nice it is in work, it’s always good to have plenty of holidays.


My day starts at 5:30am when I stumble into the bathroom to brush my teeth, throw on my gym kit and head off for my 45-minute commute (at that time anyway). After a bit of morning cardio and a sauna I’m a lot more alert, and I get into the office around 7:45am.

Each morning I start by checking my emails to make sure no urgent jobs have landed in my inbox before I start the tasks I have planned for the day.

Mondays are when we all get together and have our Marketing team catch ups and Marketing meetings. These give us time to discuss upcoming projects and sign off others.
I also design the weekly edition of ‘The Scoop’ every Monday which updates our eagerly awaiting fans in the rest of Equilibrium with any news.

I leave at 4pm to beat the traffic once again.


Teeth, drive, gym, wake up, sauna, as usual, in that order.

After the busy Monday of meetings and planning, Tuesday usually gives me more design time to work on the various ongoing projects.

This morning I am working on a new brochure design with Toby. I like tasks like this as it provides a good design challenge of making a complicated process easily understandable.
I go out for a quick walk at 13:15 before having my usual chicken-based lunch. After lunch I finish off the last spread in the brochure.


No need to mention the whole morning routine again, I’m starting to bore myself.

Today I have a variety of jobs planned in my calendar. I start with new concepts for the cover of our next issue of Equinox, our six-monthly magazine. I run through these with Gaynor so we can decide a favourite.

I also design a layout for a new client questionnaire, and after a few tweaks that came from liaising with Matt, I make it into a digitally editable pdf.
Now for that exciting chicken and veg lunch again!

This afternoon I designed a new logo for a suitability report, sourced a few images for blogs and made some amends to smaller ongoing projects before emailing them back to the co-worker for each job.


This morning the Marketing team had a meeting to develop some concepts for a new infographic based on the light and refreshing topic of Brexit. We came out with some ideas to make a digestible and interesting graphic to share on our social media and website. I book this job in my calendar for next week.

I received feedback on some advert concepts earlier in the week, so now I develop the designs using the usual Adobe Creative Suite on my ‘big fancy Mac’ as everyone else in the office calls it.

Chicken again, then I helped Laura with some images and templates for our new recruitment website before heading off for the day.


I booked one of my favourite jobs in for this Friday, starting to lay out the first of the articles in the latest Equinox magazine. This involves finding stock imagery in iStock photo which I then edit in Photoshop to better suit the article’s theme, size and style. The magazine is laid out in InDesign.

Equinox is a big job which will be ongoing for a good few weeks now, cumulating in the busy ‘going to print’ week.

As it’s Friday I thought I’d treat myself and have some chicken for my lunch. After that excitement, I have a meeting with Sharon from Paragon Print to discuss our many up and coming print jobs she handles for us.

And now for the weekend…

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