There is a great sense of pride in all we do as we feel part of the ethos of the company, and no single person is considered less important than another. Professional standards are always strived towards whilst ensuring the working environment remains fun and engaging.


Equilibrium offer some flexibility which makes the work life balance a lot easier, meaning on Mondays I start a little later so that I can drop my son off at school.

My first meeting of the day is with a couple who are considering the benefits of transferring a final salary pension. I really enjoy working with clients who are considering a final salary transfer as it can be the biggest financial decision they make in their life and it is key that they feel comfortable with their choice, it’s great to be part of that.

Post meeting, I like to do any actions that have arisen whilst they are fresh in my mind.

After a quick bite for lunch and a catch up with friends in the MESS, I set about outlining our recommendations from the morning’s meeting as final salary pensions can be time sensitive with tight deadlines.


The day starts with a team meeting which we have weekly. It’s a great way to catch up with other team members to see what they are working on and share any ideas and potential areas for development.

For most of the day I’m working on a strategy report for a client that will look to reduce their inheritance tax liability, whilst ensuring they are still comfortable in retirement. Every client is individual, and we take great pleasure in the bespoke solutions we offer to clients.


I have an early start to attend an investment seminar near Manchester Airport. Equilibrium encourage all Client Managers to attend training where possible. Not only does the training have CPD benefits, but who doesn’t like a complimentary full English breakfast? The seminar is useful and provides a greater understanding of what clients are regularly hearing about in the media.

The afternoon is spent prepping for client review meetings which provide an overview on what has been achieved over the last 12 months and the opportunity to touch base  the long-term financial plan is still suitable.


The first meeting of the day is with a couple who recently retired, and I’m happy to hear that they are fully embracing retirement and have been travelling extensively.

The afternoon is taken up with an Academy session. This is an internal programme designed to ensure the company’s team fulfills their potential and continues to drive the business forward. This week’s session involves discussion around a podcast we have all listened to on ‘the benefits of quitting’. It’s great to get everyone’s perspective and hold a constructive debate on what we each got out of it. Next week we will discuss The Chimp Paradox book and compare our outcomes from a series of personality tests.


I come into work to a request from a client to sell some of their portfolio to fund a new car purchase. After discussion with the Investment team and the adviser around the best course of action based on market conditions, client’s situation and potential tax implications, I place the trades and let the client know what action we’ve taken and when to expect the cash to be in their account.

As is the norm on a Friday lunchtime, we each attempt an online pub quiz and take great pride in trying to be the office brainbox.
The priority for the rest of my day is to ensure all of the prep is ready for next week’s meeting as I like to ensure that I can actively manage my diary and avoid any last minute surprises wherever possible.

After a busy and productive week, I look forward to some down time over a long weekend whilst utilising EQ’s attractive holiday package and taking Monday off. 


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