I have always enjoyed Equilibrium’s friendly atmosphere around the office along with the various perks that you get to enjoy throughout the year.  The opportunities for growth and development are also great as you have the freedom to pursue different areas of interest whilst benefiting from a healthy balance of support from colleagues and the freedom to add value yourself.

Started at Equilibrium

September 2007

Current job title

Head of Client Manager Operations

Job title when first joined

Client Manager

What do you remember from when you first started?

One of my first memories of joining Equilibrium was during the credit crunch and having several clients come into the office to sign fund switch forms which then had to be posted. There were also fewer client managers and much more free space around the office!

What's the biggest positive change you've seen during your time at EQ?

The shift towards using the Voyant financial planning software during client meetings to demonstrate where clients could be in five, ten, fifteen years’ time. Within the company, the culture has also developed along with the rewards and perks for staff.

What's been your biggest personal challenge so far, and how did you overcome it?

Achieving Chartered status was hard work and each time I started studying for an exam was pretty daunting. There wasn't any magic formula to overcoming this apart from hard work. Within the company I have also progressed into a Team Leader role which brought a different set of challenges, which I have tried to overcome through internal & external leadership training and working closely with other Team Leaders and my line managers, Lucy & Toby.

What's your favourite EQ memory?

There are quite a lot to choose from as I have been here a number of years and have been lucky enough to experience many different events, from the Christmas parties to sportsman's dinners!

What excites you about your future at EQ?

I think there is no end to learning and developing at Equilibrium, and the culture certainly promotes that along with providing the support needed to achieve your goals. You can always be heard and feedback is listened too!

How did your current role come about?

As Equilibrium continued to recruit, the Client Manager teams grew and were eventually split into sub-teams which required a Team Leader.


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