Friday 14th June, 2019

Guest: Megan Allingan from The Feel Good Team

Megan is a fully qualified massage therapist and Founder of MLA Therapist Ltd. Her work focuses on increasing wellbeing in the workplace, and her regular visits to EQ are a favourite of the team! In this blog, she talks about the benefits of the work that she does and how it can improve productivity for businesses.

Could you give an overview of your business and the work you do?

My business is MLA Therapist LTD which is now trading as The Feel Good Team. We provide wellbeing services to companies who are keen to look after their staff's physical and mental health at work.

It’s important to value your staff in order for them to be more motivated in the workplace. We offer services such as desk-based massages, yoga classes, mindfulness and meditation sessions, diet and nutrition advice. I have seen first-hand how introducing well-being can create such a positive and feel good atmosphere in the workplace.

What services do you offer to individuals and companies?

Our services are mainly focused in the workplace however all of our therapists and instructors can offer their services one to one. For example, the workplace massage is usually desk-based but business cards are available for staff to take so they can have mobile massage sessions if they would like continued support.

How can your services help employee wellbeing and productivity?

A focus on wellbeing encourages staff to work hard with a reward at the end. Our wellbeing services help staff to feel more valued and appreciated and in turn their motivation increases. Giving your staff chance to recharge and have a small break during the day can help manage stress levels and increase concentration.

If you could pick one thing for people to take away from your sessions, what would it be?

Learning to look after your body and mind is not just a luxury, it should be a way of life so we can reach our full potential in and out of the workplace and lead healthier, happier lifestyles.

What’s the proudest moment you’ve experienced from your work?

My proudest moment at work so far was when I became busy enough that I employed my first member of staff and seeing how far my business has grown.

What’s your favourite quote?

My favourite quote is ‘If you think you can, or you think you can't, you will always be right’ because I don’t think you should ever doubt yourself or give up - if enough effort and motivation is made then everything is possible if you put your mind to it.

If you could pick one rule for everybody to live by, what would it be?

Live in the moment and appreciate what you have!

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