Friday 25th October, 2019

Self-praise is no praise

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates

Feedback is vital to growth. Even if you’re perfect (you’re not, nobody is), the world is constantly changing, therefore we must adapt and seek new solutions in pursuit of being the best we can.

Feedback is essentially a free analysis of your business – why wouldn’t you advantage of that? It can highlight areas that require improvement which will ultimately make the company, its people and its clients happier.

We have team awards to celebrate employees who are doing an amazing job. We thought it was a brilliant way to encourage and celebrate the team, but one year we received feedback that some of the ‘unsung heroes’ of the company (i.e. those who aren’t working on big projects but are generally smashing it day to day) weren’t being recognised in these awards.

The initiative was, to some extent, doing the opposite of what we intended, leaving some members of the team feeling overlooked and underappreciated. So, we created an ‘unsung hero’ category specifically to get people thinking about these members of the team. We also created custom-designed thank you cards that staff can give to each other to say thanks for doing a great job which have become very popular.

We took the negative feedback on board and transformed it into a positive. But it’s not all about negative feedback. Positive feedback is equally as important to let you know where you’re getting it right and to boost team moral. Thankfully, because we welcome negative feedback and address any issues straight away, our overall feedback tends to be very positive!

We were thrilled with the results from our recent annual staff survey:

  • 98% agree ‘I have a good working relationship with my colleagues’ 
  • 98% agree ‘People at Equilibrium take the initiative to help other when the need arises’ 
  • 98% agree ‘People treat each other with respect at Equilibrium’ 
  • 95% agree ‘Equilibrium positively impacts people’s lives’ 
  • 95% agree ‘I am satisfied with my overall job security’ 
  • 95% agree ‘I believe the leadership team at Equilibrium are competent and that they care’ 
  • 97% agree ‘My manager/team leader treats me with respect’ 
  • 97% agree ‘Equilibrium cares about my mental, physical and financial wellbeing’ 
  • 93% agree ‘The culture at Equilibrium is inclusive and clearly defined’ 
  • 97% agree ‘Equilibrium works hard to ensure that I have a great place to work’ 
  • 93% would recommend Equilibrium as a place to work 

If you’re looking for new opportunities in a fun, inclusive workplace with plenty of opportunities for professional growth (not to mention 33 days holiday and free breakfast everyday…), why not take a look at our current jobs?


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