Thursday 16th February, 2023

Top 10 Wellbeing Tips

Managing and nurturing our wellbeing is an integral part of our lives. Jo Fletcher, Wellbeing Services Lead at Wilmslow Youth, provides her top 10 wellbeing tips.

Keep connected

Keep building meaningful connections with those closest to you. Pick up the phone and call or message a friend or relative who you haven’t seen for a while.

Acknowledge emotions

Keeping a mood journal can help you spot patterns in your wellbeing, showing you things that regularly impact your emotions in positive and negative ways.

Practice self-acceptance

Think of a time when you felt angry or upset with yourself. Now think about what you would say if a friend was telling you about this situation. How would you reassure them and show kindness? Can you repeat those words to yourself?

Try something new

Is there a hobby or activity that you would like to try? Maybe there’s a DIY job you’ve been meaning to do or a new recipe to cook.

Engage with meaningful causes

Consider how you can bring more meaning to your life. Is there a cause you would like to support or a group that you can help?

Build resilience

Can you think of a time when you faced difficulty? What helped you deal with that situation and what did you learn? The resources we develop during challenging times can help us to build resilience for difficulties we face in the future.

Be thankful

It can be helpful to recognise the good things which happen each day, no matter how big or small. Each night before you go to bed, try to identify 3 to 5 things which are worth celebrating from the day.


Physical and mental health are intrinsically linked. Consider simple ways to get your body moving each day, be it a walk or a swim or even something new.


When we take time for others, it improves our own sense of wellbeing. Consider someone you can buy flowers for, make a cake for, or give to in another way.


Think of a few small goals that you would like to work towards. It might help to break them down into smaller steps, make a list, set deadlines and then work out what resources you will need. Celebrate each time you complete a milestone, however small that may be, as it’s one step closer to your end goal.


This article is taken from our autumn 2022 edition of Equinox. You can view the full version here.


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