Wednesday 24th April, 2019

The Equilibrium Academies

Making sure that when your perfect role is ready, you are too!

Growth is one of Equilibrium’s core values, and that doesn’t just mean the growth of the business.

Our team is awesome, but awesome people don’t stick around long if there’s no potential for them to thrive and become even more awesome. A talented and driven team (the kind we want!) will become disengaged without a challenging and stimulating environment where they can learn and advance their skills.

The Equilibrium Academies have been developed to ensure our brilliant team are reaching their full potential both personally and within the business. Places are limited, but absolutely anyone can apply as long as they’ve been at the company for at least a year. For those who are newer to EQ, we have the growth zone which is the first three months of the EQ Academy but stretched over 12 months to make the process less intensive.

The programme helps employees identify their strengths and discover how to utilise them by studying a variety of research including books and podcasts (you cany find Equilibrium’s top pick of podcasts here)

The process

  1. Video application – this first stage involves a video submission simply answering a few questions on why you want to join the EQ Academy.
  2. Informal interview – this will build on the video submission, delving deeper into the applicant’s motivation to join the programme and how they believe it will benefit their them and the business.
  3. Selection – once we’ve spoken to all the applicants, we pick a group of individuals who we believe are in the right place in their career to benefit from the programme. If we think someone shows potential but isn’t quite ready for the intensive nature of the EQ Academy, we may recommend the Growth Zone.
  4. Ongoing shortlist – we whittle the group down as we move through the process – it’s a big commitment, so people have to be really dedicated.
  5. Final stage – after the final stage, people are prepared so that when their perfect role becomes available, they’re ready for it.

Through this process, we can ensure that our team members are achieving the growth and development that they deserve as well as providing our business with the best team possible.


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