Friday 5th July, 2019

Guest: Charlotte Collins, Director of X-Hail UK

X-Hail offers meditation classes and workshops to help people destress – but they don’t do your standard meditation session. Having already been a hit at EQ, we spoke to Charlotte Collins, Director of X-Hail, to find out a little bit more.

Could you give an overview of X-Hail and the work you do?

My job around here at X-Hail HQ is to help teams find the nearest escape route from a life of stress, self-doubt and worry, leaving high heels and handbags behind, (sorry, former air-hostess) and to help them create a life where they feel creative, productive, calm and in control both on and off the clock every single day. I do most of that through teaching meditation but not as you know it! Sessions involve Ibizan Sunset-style chill out tunes, science backed techniques, down to earth relatable analogies, realistic expectations and lots of laughter. This is a whale music and ‘guru status’ free zone!

What services do you offer to individuals and companies?

Through our network of instructors, we offer classes, workshops, alks, 30-minute lunchtime digital detox sessions, one-to-one classes and wellbeing events nationwide.

How can your services help employee wellbeing and productivity?

Research shows that organisations that embrace a ‘slow down to speed up’ culture (which we define as celebrating rest, down-time and time away from the desk whilst providing employees with the tools and knowledge to use this time effectively) on average see an increase of 40% in sales/profits over a three year period. We can provide the tools, knowledge and dedicated time and space to rest so that not only do companies see this boost in output, but employees feel healthier, more creative and productive as well as valued, respected, nurtured and fully supported too.

If you could pick one thing for people to take away from your sessions, what would it be?

Meditation doesn’t need to be fussy, fidgety, frustrating or boring! And it makes a difference! Taking the time to implement this skill into your daily life can be utterly transformative.

What’s the proudest moment you’ve experienced from your work?

The feedback my team of instructors receive is mind-blowing! To know that X-Hail and our unique approach helps so many people support their own mental and emotional wellbeing and helps them smash targets and win new contracts, makes all the hours and money spent (all whilst being a single mum too) totally worth it!

What’s your favourite quote?

Meditation: because some questions cannot be answered by google.

If you could pick one rule for everybody to live by, what would it be?

Slow down to speed up!

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